GCE 240V250A 4U high voltage BMS master BMS

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GCE high voltage BMS has a highly integrated overall solution.  GCE’s BMS has three major characteristics: high efficiency, stability and reliability, and has been providing BMS equipment for large global energy storage projects and UPS international giants for many years.


GCE 240V250A 4U high voltage BMS

4U standard 19ich high voltage bms master BMS iron box

GCE master bms consist of main control PCB(MCU), charging and discharging DC contactors, Hall sensor, DC power supply, high voltage pcb,breaker, rich communication ports and options for different requirements.

GCE BMS provides complete battery management and control logic. After years of upgrading and iteration, GCE BMS can easily solve all problems at the customer’s site.

Application scenarios

◎ Battery Energy Storage System(BESS)

◎ Off-grid energy storage

◎ Data Center

◎ Grid frequency modulation energy storage

◎ Track power / traction

◎ LFP UPS power supply

Product Features

※ Advanced battery management system—The highly integrated battery management system can realize seamless monitoring.

※ Perfect self-checking and running status checking function, with HMI display screen,system running information is clear at a glance.

※ Complete and reliable system control and protection strategies, comprehensively guarantee battery safety, and escort to extend the life of battery packs.

※ Modular design, configurable and expandable—multiple energy storage units can be flexibly combined and expanded into a larger energy storage system.

※ Abundant communication interfaces—multiple RS485, CAN, Ethernet, dry contact input and output interfaces, supporting communication with most PCS and monitoring servers on the market.

※ The communication interface protocol is flexible—the factory comes with the company’s communication protocol, and it can also be adapted to the PCS of different manufacturers according to customer needs.

※ The built-in large-capacity memory chip can store a large amount of key operating data, and an SD card can be added to realize battery historical data storage

※ Automatic circulation control and automatic parallel/offline control can easily realize the parallel connection of battery packs.

RBMS main technical parameters

Basic ParametersMax. current.125A. 160A. 200A.250A(Optional)
Highest Voltage350V.700V.1000V(Optional)
Power consumption≤25W(Three wire systems / Center tap);

≤15W(Two wire systems)

Current sampling accuracy1%FSR
Insulation withstand voltage2800VDC <1mA 1min
Protection levelIP20
New Weight~22Kg
Communication PortCommunication port with BMUCAN
Communication port with UPSRS485/CAN
Communication port with SBMSRS485/CAN
Communication with monitoring softwareEthernet
Basic FunctionBattery charge&discharge Management.available
Battery         Temperature Managementavailable
IAP Upgradeavailable
System protection parameter settingavailable
Short circuit protectionavailable(25KA 20ms)
Pre-charge functionavailable
Parallel circulation controlavailable
Event recordAvailable(5000)
System with center tapAvailable(Optional)
Dual power supplyAvailable(Battery +   municipal   power   supply, municipal power in priority)
Optional functionInsulation detectionApplicable to voltage minimum 300V systems (optional)
HMI display3.5 inches, 7 inches optional (external) (optional)
Stand-alone  or    parallel functionSet up before leaving the factory
Dry contactMaximum 2 dry contact outputs (optional)
OthersAppearance, ColorRAL9005 Black sand grain
Installation methodSuitable for standard 19-inch cabinet installation
Incoming and outgoing line modeFront side in and front side out.
Operating ambient temperature-20℃~60℃
Operating ambient humidity5%~75%RH
Comply with National standardsGB/T 16935.1 GB/T 17626.2 GB/T 17626.5
Safety CertificationComply with CE certification standards

High voltage BMS 4U master BMS Dimension

High voltage BMS Structure/Diagram

GCE high voltage BMS factory

GCE company located in Changsha city Hunan Province of China. Hunan group control energy technology Co., Ltd. (GCE) is a high-tech company specializing in the research and development of BMS and lithium battery peripheral equipment.

GCE high voltage bms factory location
GCE high voltage bms factory location

The high-performance intelligent lithium battery management system produced by our company adopts the international leading technology, which greatly improves the battery management efficiency and prolongs the service life of lithium battery. The advanced BMS control strategy avoids the difficulties and instability faced by most competitors for our BMS.

4S to 24s low voltage software BMS has a wide range of uses, rich product interfaces, strong scalability and secondary development compatibility; 30s to 75s BMS adopts master-slave integrated design and relay solution to meet the lithium battery demand of multiple strings of small capacity batteries. Greatly reduce the use cost of users; 60s-270s adopts master-slave three-level architecture, which can meet the series and parallel requirements of high-capacity single lithium batteries within 1000V.

By mastering the core technology of BMS and inventing on this basis, our company has developed a variety of lithium battery peripherals to meet the high-quality needs of the market.


GCE R & D team was established in 2012. After 8 years of high-voltage BMS R & D, we obtained institutional investment and established GCE company in 2020. Products are highly recognized by customers.

GCE BMS workers are producing high voltage bms , master bms
GCE BMS workers are producing high voltage bms , master bms


GCE has been engaged in the research and development of high-voltage BMS for 10 years and has rich experience in after-sales solution service. It can help customers solve difficult problems in the operation of lithium battery system, including faults that cannot be solved by competitors. GCE also provides communication connection development services between BMS and inverter and UPS. It also provides OEM / ODM services for former TOP10 customers, authorizes customers to market locally and provide after-sales service and relevant technical training.

GCE bms factory
GCE bms factory


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