GCE high voltage BMS 30S50A integrated BMS for lithium ESS UPS

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How to build up your high voltage battery systems for ESS?

it’s very easy to build up your BESS with GCE high voltage BMS, the integratred BMS is designed for 30S to 75S, low capacity cells for LFP(lifepo4),NMC, LTO,Lead carbon…

Our integrated BMS has master and slave structure and combined these two types of BMS PCBS in one machine. You can connect your each cells with provided wire harness to our integrated high voltage BMS in order.Our integrated BMS also has 4 tem sensors for each 15S lithium battery modules. We provide rich communication ports(Rs485,CAN,dry contact) to meet different requirement for energy storange or UPS users. We also have different types of integrated BMS to meet Off-grid ESS application. 3.5inch touch screen will display all informations after parameters setting!


GCE high voltage BMS 30S50A integrated BMS for lithium ESS UPS

Communication protocol:
CAN, RS485, Dry Contact

* Design: Master & Slave all in one

* Efficient, stable and reliable
* size:W410*H232*D128cm

30S50A integrated bms


BMS integrated machine components are composed of BMS main control board, BMU sampling board, high voltage board, switching power supply, Hall sensor, DC contactor, micro switch, power terminal, structural box and wiring harness, etc.; the characteristic is that the main control board Integrate with sampling board and other power devices to keep the system as a secondary architecture. It has the characteristics of compact structure, flexible installation and low cost, and is suitable for integrated installation with small capacity batteries. The BMS integrated machine component is mainly suitable for the charge and discharge management of lithium iron phosphate batteries (LFP). If you need to modify the parameters with other batteries, please contact our company for confirmation.


  • Each 15 strings is a battery collection unit, and 30 series batteries have 2 acquisition units.
  • 15 probes for every 15 strings, for a total of 30
  • current collection uses Hall sensor, safe and reliable, no heat;
  • SOC estimation error ≤ 5%;
  • 3-digit address dialing to set the BMS address;
  • 3-channel relay dry contact output;
  • 4-channel contactor expansion and auxiliary contact detection
  • Provide PC software to facilitate the customer to debug the battery system, or modify the system parameters through the host computer;
  • Support for parallel use (maximum 7 units);

Technical Data Sheet

Product Name
Integrated BMS
Model no.
System voltage range
96 – 240 V DC (30S-75S)
Startup mode
DC start (optional AC and DC starter)
Number of battery strings
30 S(2x 15 S)
Equilibrium type
Passive equalization
Balanced current
100mA ± 10mA(Single cell 3.4V )
Temperature Sampling
12 Battery temperature(4*3)
Sampling accuracy
± 2℃
Voltage Sampling
Sampling accuracy
Single cell ±20mV
Communication mode
CAN: 1 channel (communication with PCs / UPS)
RS485: 1 channel (communication with upper computer / PCS / UPS)
Bluetooth: optional (android app available)
GPRS: optional,
Display mode
6-digit LED indicator, including 1-bit fault indication, 1-bit operation indication, 4-bit SOC power indication
HMI display: optional
Hall sensor specifications
Maximum load of power components
transient state:75A/10S( Adjustable)
Alarm level
1 Level
Protection level
2 two levels
Level 1 cut off charge / discharge
Level 2 micro cut-off switch, system power down
Operating Temperature
Charging : -10~75℃
Discharging : -20 to 75℃
Storage : -40 to +75℃


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