GCE high voltage master slave BMS 38S 121.6V50A BMS 2U master BMS for ESS UPS

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Our high voltage BMS has a highly integrated overall solution. After years of market application, GCE’s BMS has three major characteristics: high efficiency, stability and reliability, and has been providing BMS equipment for large global energy storage projects and UPS international giants for many years.

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121.6V50A 2U master BMS for ESS UPS

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38S  121.6V 50A
BMS solutions to save your cost are as follows:
make 19S cells to be a battery Pack(module)and 2 packs(modules) in series




◎ Photovoltaic power station energy storage

◎ Island off-grid energy storage


◎ Micro-grid

◎ UPS power supply

◎ Power System 220V DC power supply


Product system overview

RBMS is a battery management system developed for large-scale high-voltage battery energy storage systems and UPS applications. It adopts distributed architecture and modular design concept, which is highly configurable, easy to assemble, debug and maintain. It is suitable for various battery energy storage systems with DC voltage below 1000V. This system can be configured as a second-level architecture (BMU+RBMS) at least, which is suitable for 10KWh-100KWh project. It can be together with industrial computer and battery stack management software to make multi-cluster battery systems in parallel to form a three-level architecture BMU+RBMS+SBMS) to form a battery stack, which is suitable for 50KWh-2MWh project. It can also together with servers and power station battery management system software to make multiple battery stacks parallel again to form a four-level architecture (BMU+RBMS+SBMS+BBMS), which is suitable for project from 2MWh to 1000MWh. It can meet different project requirements.

The product has a complete and reliable operation and protection strategy, which can effectively prolong the service life of the battery pack. It comes with a variety of communication interfaces, which can be directly or indirectly connected with third-party energy management systems.

Product Features

※ Advanced battery management system—The highly integrated battery management system can realize seamless monitoring.

※ Perfect self-checking and running status checking function, with HMI display screen,

system running information is clear at a glance.

※ Complete and reliable system control and protection strategies, comprehensively guarantee battery safety, and escort to extend the life of battery packs.

※ Modular design, configurable and expandable—multiple energy storage units can be flexibly combined and expanded into a larger energy storage system.

※ Abundant communication interfaces—multiple RS485, CAN, Ethernet, dry contact input and output interfaces, supporting communication with most PCS and monitoring servers on the market.

※ The communication interface protocol is flexible—the factory comes with the company’s communication protocol, and it can also be adapted to the PCS of different manufacturers according to customer needs.

※ The built-in large-capacity memory chip can store a large amount of key operating data, and an SD card can be added to realize battery historical data storage

※ Automatic circulation control and automatic parallel/offline control can easily realize the parallel connection of battery packs.

RBMS main technical parameters

Basic ParametersMax. current50A
Max. voltage96V~500V(according to the rated voltage)
Power consumption≤15W
Current sampling  accuracy1%FSR
Insulation withstand voltage2800VDC <1mA  1min
Protection levelIP20
New Weight~10Kg
Communication InterfaceCommunication port with BMUCAN
Communication port with UPSRS485/CAN
Communication port with SBMSRS485/CAN
Communication with monitoring softwareEthernet
Basic Function


Battery charge & discharge managementAvailable
Battery temperature managementAvailable
IAP UpgradeAvailable
System protection parameter settingAvailable
Short circuit protectionAvailable(6KA 20ms)
Pre-charge functionAvailable
Parallel circulation controlAvailable
Event recordAvailable(5000)
DC startAvailable(Battery powered,Mains supply is only for the signal to start on and off the BMS)
Optional functionInsulation detectionNo
HMI display3.5 inches(Embedded in the chassis)
Stand-alone or parallel functionSet up before leaving the factory
Dry contactMaximum 2 dry contact outputs
OthersColorRAL9005 black sand grain
Installation methodSuitable for standard 19-inch rack installation
Incoming and outgoing wire methodFront side in and front side out.
Operating ambient temperature-20℃~60℃
Operating ambient humidity5%~75%RH
Comply with National standardsGB/T 16935.1 GB/T 17626.2 GB/T 17626.5
CertificationComply with CE certification standards

2U RBMS Dimension

RBMS Accessories List

Power TerminalGPS50AFP Blue1
Power TerminalGPS50AFP  Red1
Power terminal connectorS1339G24
AC socket(wireable)250V 10A1
Dry contact terminal5.08-6Pin1
Terminating resistor120R1

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